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Cik Pon In Kampong

When my dad was younger and he and his family came over to Singapore to stay from Malaysia, it was those kampong times and there was a shared toilet for all the residents living in the village and because the whole village knows that there’s a “pon pon” in the area, no one dared to go to the loo at night and would rather let their bladder burst.

Apparently one night, his little sister couldn’t take it and woke him up to accompany her to the toilet..seeing that the loo was about 200m away from their house, he decided to wait at the entrance of their house and let her go over herself. He almost dozed off waiting for her and when he opened his eyes, he had a terrible shock seeing the “pon pon” hovering atop the toilet cubicle where his sis was. Do remember that in the olden times, a loo was nothing more than an open shed with a hole in it…
He hollered for his sis and she quickly rushed back to the house. Apparently, even after rushing back to their beds, they could still hear the “pon pon” scratching at the roofs and walls of the house.

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