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My Ghost Stories

I’ve never met any ghosts, thank god, but my brother has a third eye and I’ll share with you some of his stories.

1) When his third eye was particularly strong, he saw a dark figure on a bicycle cycling past. Not near him but near enough for him to see that there was something sticking out of its back.

2) My family (excluding me) went to this quite famous park (no beach) at around 7ish. Malays believe that dusk is quite a spooky time sometimes and we are always told to come home before that. My brother said that he saw a black thing like swoop past them. Coincidentally, my mom was having her period during that time.

3) My brother wasn’t involved but my father brought my youngest brother to his construction site. A few days after my youngest brother came back, he broke out with rashes all over his body. Not unlike chicken pox but they were quite fierce and were spread around his body. His skin looked really scary then. Went to the doctor lots of times but the medication didn’t help any. Finally my father brought him back to the site (after a week lol) and cleansed him and made him take a bath. He was cured after several days but the scars still remain.

Story apparently was that my father went to pluck the fruit from the mango tree near his site. Maybe he incensed some spirit or something and the spirit attacked my brother instead.

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