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My Haunted Office Building

I have a story to share. My current office is at an old school building at Mt Sophia. The building was vacated for the past 8 years. When my boss decided to lease the place, I told him I need to bring my fengshui master to recce the place. He said fine. When the master came, he saw something which he didn’t want to tell me until much later. Even his daughter in law who came along also felt something wrong. Later, I asked him, he told me he saw ghostly figures of a man, a woman, a kid and an old man.

Master said we needed to do a prayer ritual before we started renovating. This is to ask for their blessings as they have been occupying the place for such a long time. All of us prayed and everything is smooth. Thank God! There’s also a huge tree in the compound tied with a yellow ribbon. Was told there are lots of spirits hanging around that area. This month being the 7th month, lots of the tenants prayed to the tree. I have a beautiful view overlooking the compound. Luckily, I couldn’t see the tree clearly else it will spook me. No one in the office stays beyond 630 pm. By 6.20 pm, we are out of the office!

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