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Keeping Spirits

I remembered my ex bf told me this candid thing about the spirit he kept. He got this spirit amulet to help him in his career and bring in sales. This spirit is a male. He told me that at times he will get to meet a stranger (normally a gorgeous lady) many times during the same day. He knew that wasn’t fate but merely the doings of the male spirit who is the actual culprit desiring to meet that lady. Thus these twist of chance meetings with this stranger lady multiple times in a day.

There was once he forgot to bring his amulet out and left it inside his wardrobe. While he was driving… he felt he couldn’t breathe. So he rushed home and found his mother has accidentally put folded clothes (together with underwear) over his amulet.

Another time, his mother begged my ex to ‘help’ (should be asking the amulet spirit i reckon… ) his younger brother (her favourite son) reconcile with the gf. Because his younger bro got really depressed and wallowed in the dumps after the break up. My ex loves his family a lot so he did assist his brother despite the fact that the spirit revealed in return his own relationships will suffer.
Since he ‘transferred the luck’ and helped his brother. His younger brother has since got married with kids. Till date… I last heard most of his relationships did not work out.

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