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Walking Home Incident

These happened to me more than 10 yrs back. Was in sec school then. We used to go to school in a group of 4 girls. We had to walk a distance from a hdb block to the back of our school. I remembered there’s a hint of sun shine then. Timing was around 6+ in the morning coming to 7. Me & one of the girls are walking side by side in front & 2 girls directly behind us.

From a distance, we can make out a woman in her early 40s wearing something strange. She was walking in a limping way & as she approached us, i can see that her clothes are those very bright, colored & tore 1-piece something like those from the ‘Chinese opera’. We kept on staring at her & i can remembered her staring back at me first (very fiercely ***) and then my friend. After which, she limped past us & through to the other 2 girls directly at our back.

It was then that my hairs on my neck started to STAND! So scary. We then started checking with the other 2 girls behind us whether they had saw the woman. But they mentioned ‘no one went past us’. That really scared the shit out of us. After school, i relate this incident to my mum. My mum was saying the clothing the woman worn was those ‘suo yi’ for the dead.

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