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Waiting In Car

About a month or so ago, my husband fell ill so we went together to Alexandra Hospital. I told him i will wait for him in the car since he said it will only take a short while. So while i was waiting in the car (at the carpark), suddenly i heard someone at the back of the car calling my name.. Initially, i thought my SO was trying to make fun of me, so i turned back.. but there was nobody.. Sent a shiver down my spine..

Then, I decided to wind down the windows.. (The car had radio on that time).. Then suddenly, the windows just winded up again and the radio went off.. the whole car went dark (lights were on previously) also. So i thought maybe i accidentally pressed onto the car key since it was beside me.. so i switched it on again.. And after a while, it went off again, and i was locked inside the car!!!!

No matter how hard i tried to press the key, open the car door and even wind down the windows, it just did not work!!!!! Was feeling so frightened but i remembered that we should always stay calm and not look at we are afraid during such times.. In the darkness, i just kept praying… and praying.. And i sensed that there was something lurking behind me (i hope it’s my imagination)

Then when i tried again, the car lights finally came on again.. This continued for a few times until my SO came back and asked me why i look so frightened.. told him what happened and he said it’s impossible cause it has never happened before. Now i don’t dare to stay inside the car alone anymore..

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