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About 7-8years back(cant remember which year) at the Shaw Beach Road Cineplex, a group of 7 of us took the cargo lift from the car park to the cinema. The lift was situated in one of the back staircases. It was pretty eerie. Since it was very late no one uses that lift at that time.

I was standing at the lift control panel (buttons were on the left side of the lift) and after everyone got into the lift, I pressed the close and turn around to talk to my friends. The door closed and opened again. I turned back and looked if anyone was coming. No one. So I pressed “closed” and turned around again to talk to my friends.. The door closed and then opened again. I turn back and check for other passengers before pressing “close” again.

At that time, all of us were happily chattering away at the same time, so we didn’t sense anything wrong. The lift door opened again after the fourth time I repeatedly pressed close and turn to talk to my friends.

At this time I hear my friend standing just beside murmured a very very soft “that’s enough”….. Only I heard him, because he was standing very close to me and the rest of my friends were talking loudly.

After that, the doors closed and we were on the way up. I didn’t realized anything wrong, until a thought hit me. At this time the doors opened to the cinema and all of us walked out. Immediately I asked that very staunch Christian friend why he said “that’s enough”.

“You will not want to hear about it”, he replied.

At this time guessed I knew what happened – Supernatural forces making the lift door open.

I tried to reaffirm with that friend that my guess was right. All the said was: ” there were some playful things but everything’s ok”.

Immediately all my hair stood up and I stopped probing.

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