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Strange Happening

Every time I go into the downstairs bathroom of my house, I get this bizarre, almost oppressive feeling. I’m prone to paranoia, so I’ve always tried to ignore it. After a while the sense of something out of place got stronger… it seemed localized under the utility sink. I was getting this faint vision in my head of a little boy, maybe five years old, with brown hair and a long, red and white striped nightie. I figured I was crazy, but tried to avoid the room anyway.

Fast forward a few months– I’m over my friend’s house. Another friend is there, and we’re just playing around with the Ouiji board. We get to talking about ghosts, and I mention the feelings I get in the downstairs bathroom. My friend (the one who’s been to my house) pipes in and says that she sometimes dreams she goes down there and there’s this little boy hiding under the sink, with the shadow of a man wielding a knife on the wall, but she never sees anything happen. I asked her to describe the boy and, though I had never told her what he looked like, she described “Brandon,” as I had begun to call him, exactly as I always saw him.

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