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My Army Stories

I passed out from army few years ago, had few encounters during my army days with the supernatural. Just to share.

1) We were training in Brunei, sleeping on metal double-deck beds and I was sleeping on top. One night, I woke up somehow and got the shock of my life! I saw a being right beside my bed. could only see its head with eyes staring at me. I was totally chilled up. It was definitely not someone that I knew. Just close my eyes and prayed. Never dared to open my eyes till I fell back to sleep after a long time.

2) I was on guard duty and sleeping in the duty room together with another guy. I remember I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned all buttons on my army pants to ‘air’. When I woke up in the morning, my pants was all buttoned up and belt buckled.

3) It was a navigating exercise in Taiwan. I and 3 other buddies spent 3 days in the forest and out at the villages. While we were looking for a place to rest the 1st night, down a particular path, I was very sure I saw a lady waving at me to go over. I told my friends gladly that someone was calling for us and probably offering us a place to rest. But we turned and saw no one. It was quite an open space. I knew I couldn’t be wrong, but I tried not to insist at that moment.

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