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My Jurong Flat

I used to stay at Jurong west ( i’ll not mention the block or street number in case some of u live around there) and live at the top floor when i was young. Once, my sister woke me up in the middle of the night to accompany her to the toilet. so we both went together. when we walked out of the bedroom we saw a figure sitting at the living room sofa reading the papers under the study light. The newspaper covering the face because it was held up straight.

We thought it was our dad. but the next morning when we asked our dad if he was up late last night reading the papers, he said ‘no’. Another thing is that since we lived on the top floor, there should be no one above our level. But we always hear marbles bouncing on the floor above us and furniture being moved about. Problem is upstairs is already the roof and there should be no one else doing anything at the roof dead in the night. We moved out awhile after finding a buyer. I heard from my aunt who moved in 2 floors below our supposedly haunted house a few months after we sold it that the house switched hands very often after we sold it so i guess there must be something wrong with it.

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