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When I was just a kid I was very “makulit”. I was always going out to play and to explore. One night, I found myself near a caimito tree, when suddenly a strange-looking man appeared in front of me. He looked at me as if he was trying to tell me something. I didn’t know what he was planning, but he started screaming at me (a lot). I got so scared that I couldn’t bring myself to run — it was if my feet were frozen. I noticed that while he was screaming in front of me, his mouth became very big (with very long pointed teeth) and it became so wide and full of veins, that it’s like his head was going to split in half! I came to my senses and ran. While I was running, I looked back and saw that his legs and arms were now spread out long, like he had no bones!

I went home and ran straight to my mom and told her everything. She said it was a “Kantasma”. A “not like ours” that opens his mouth widely, and spread his legs and arms long enough. My mom also experienced seeing Kantasmas. Even today when I go to bed, I still think of it.

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