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Teacher Ghost Story

When i was 15,my school teacher told me a few of her encounters with ghost. She said that last time there was once in her Kampung house that she encountered a ghost. She didn’t say whether it was pontianak, puchong or anything that the Malays believed. She said, one night when she open her eyes in the middle of the night she saw something standing at the edge of her bed and looking at her. She freaked out and started to say some prayers and then fell asleep. Her next encounter was during the time when she was teaching at a boarding school. She said that at the last day of the school she brought some of the students to watch a concert. They came back around 11.30 p.m and didn’t felt sleepy so went to wash her clothes. She before entering the bathroom and started washing her clothes she heard a pontianak laughing loudly. She freaked out and quickly jump on her bed and slept.

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