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Victorian Dreams

As a young child, nightmares scare you don’t they ? I had had a nightmare when i was around 5 and went to sleep in my mom and dads bedroom Naturally i feel asleep almost automatically as my parents were lay beside me. I woke around 5 a.m. to the sun shining through the cream curtains almost twinging at my eyes, i turned my head to look at my dad but my eyes were drawn to something a bit more horrifying than a sleeping man. There watching me was a boy draped in a sepia color a Victorian boy with rather big eyes that looked deeply at me, it slips me as to whether his hands were behind his back or at his side, but he was a well dressed chimney boy with a drawn white face, deep set eyes a small nose and small tight lips. i was watching him for about 2 minuets as he watched me back but his eyes didn’t move they just started almost right at my heart as i sat there in complete silence. Those 2 minuets felt like forever with those great eyes peering deep into my sole. i shoved my head under the covers and didn’t bring it up again for half an hour i looked there again and there was no sign of boy, just a slumberous snoring man to the left of me Coincidentally i sleep in that room now…

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