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Third Eye Experience

I’m going to relate to you an experience that happened to my cousin when he was younger. There’s a belief that the younger kids can spot ghosts easily because their 3rd eye is not fully closed yet. This incident happened quite a few times already.

He was in a room, my aunt remembered very clearly she’ll never lock up the door just shut it. Then after a while, when she wants to get in, the door cant be opened, it was as if the door was locked!! As a adolescent who was not tall enough to press the lock on the door knob inside, my cousin couldn’t have possibly lock it himself, then he was laughing and playing happily to himself in the room, where my uncle had to use force to bang open the door several times to open it, and only realized that the door wasn’t locked at all. Definitely nothing wrong with the door.. they have seen things in the house at times as well, but it was harmless, instead, his business flourished and often strike lottery! They have since moved house, that was in AMK.

Another story from my mum’s male friend who moved into a new house in Seng Kang with his 3 year old child. One night he complained to his dad,”Daddy, I don’t want to sleep with the auntie in the room, I want to sleep with you in your room.” My mum’s friend was like , since when is there a female occupant when the kid’s mum was divorced with the dad long ago already.

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