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Followed By Unseen

I was visiting Medan in 1975 and had been out with my cousin on his scooter one night and while returning home to his place in the wee hours of the morning, we passed by this pitch black area. When I asked him where we were, he told me that this was an old cemetery dating back to 17th century. I did’nt think much about it but when we got back, I headed for the bed feeling really tired.

Then while I was sleeping, I felt something choking me and found myself trying to break free and breathe but could’nt. Suddenly I shouted “Allah” and then it let go.

My uncle who was just next door heard my yell got up, but I said nothing and went to the bathroom and did my ablution after which I slept like a log. It’s important to cleanse oneself after returning home from anywhere as you never knows danger lurks behind you.

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