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My Spooky Incident

There is an incident that happened to my when I was younger. There was once I was alone in the room (with lights on not so scary) I was reading some ghost stories on some website, at about 12am-1am I can’t remember. everyone was asleep already.

Then all of a suddenly I felt someone or something like a hand or anything gently (very gentle, not stroking or anything so don’t think of anything else) touch my thigh, and of cause shocked and out of natural reaction i just back off from the desk. i look down but found nothing. under my desk there’s only a few boxes and plastic bags. Then I thought its insect or whatever…

So i thought i was really tired cause i had a long day then decided to wash up and go to bed. Then just as i was about to step out of the house, the cooking utensil in the kitchen just drop, very loud caused my mom hangs all of it on the walls above the stink to that it can dry easily. Feeling bit uneasy, i still walked to the stink and took a look, 2 dropped.

I thought it was just the wind blowing but i know I’m lying to myself cause there wasn’t even wind. So after putting back the utensils i went to on the light for the bathroom, just after taking a few steps, the toothbrushes hanging in the bathroom also dropped! (i know because i can know tell that kind of sound, as it had drop a few times) you know those toothbrushes holder that can hold quite a few brushes, so i guessed the suction wasn’t very good. Lan lan, still have to put the toothbrush holder back to place, but while washing my face i felt really really uneasy, out of no reason i just shouted, “CB LAH, don’t PLAY LAH” to whoever or whatever and went straight to bed. Nothing much happened after that or the next day…i guess I’m not afraid that much was because there are god statuses in my house and i once heard people say if you’re fierce or shout back, they wouldn’t play with u liao…

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