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Hotel Playful Spirits

My father is a business man so he often have to go overseas for his meetings. On one unforgettable trip to Indonesia, my dad was sleeping soundly in this hotel after a busy day in work. At about 4am in the morning, my dad felt someone tugging at his blanket! It was pulling the blanket away from him, as my dad was still half asleep, he didnt think that much so he just causally pulled the blanket back, but this time the “person” kept pulling the blanket trying to get attention from him. At last my dad lost his temper and sat up, he saw a shadow running into the toilet, he got up and followed it.

When he went into the toilet, the lights was already on but there was nothing there, my dad told us that the toilet seemed hot in side like as though someone had just taken a hot bath. Feeling a little scared he went out of his room and over to his friend’s room.

The next morning, while they were checking out, my dad casually told the whole story to a security guard and the sercurity guard told him that many years ago, someone had committed suicide in that same room. A chill ran down my dad’s spine as he told us the story..

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