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Mystery Head

This happened to me quite long ago. I think 3-4 yrs back. Once, i return home late, i think around 3am+, then i took the lift, then when it reach my floor, i go out. Then u know, there is a door (those door that have staircase). Then got glass panel one. Then when i bypass it. Dunno y. I have a very very very strong feeling someone was looking at me, because i think i saw a shadow at the glass panel or something like that when i bypass it.

Then i turn my head. Nabey. Heart almost jump out. Guess what i saw. I saw a head peeking at me through the glass panel!!! But i can only see half the face, as the other half was behind the wooden door. At that moment, i stunt. I dun even know how. Then worse, the thing saw me look at him, he still didn’t move. Then i dunno y i suddenly so brave aso. I think maybe i am too shock and just wanted to appear “man”. Then i go toward the door, open it. Guess what i saw. I saw a kid standing there. He look at me, i look at him. I didn’t say anything to him. Actually i was glad that what i c is of Human form. Then i just walk out and proceed to my home. Damn scary!!!!!! Quite illogical for a kid to be at those staircase at 3am+ mah!!!!! Now whenever i go home late, i kip got the urge to go look at the door again.

When i told my friend, everyone kip ask. That person got shadow??? His leg got touch the floor?? Walau. At the time, how i got the mood to observe all these. Might as well ask me take his pulse too. What u guys think of what i saw and encounter???

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