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Trip To Australia

A few years ago in June, my parents and I went to visit our cousins in Australia. We went to a ski lodge and decided to stay there for about a week. We had rented 3 rooms (1 for each family). One night, after dinner, when the grown-ups were chatting in the dining hall, me and my 3 cousins went to one room to tell ghost stories. (Of course, being chickenhearted we locked the door.) After some time, the lamp’s light started to dim for no reason. We ignored it and continued chatting. Then, the doorknob started to move a little.

Summoning all the courage we had, we flung the door open…..there was NOBODY! Somehow, we ignored it and after locking the door again, we decided to tell jokes instead. The lamp’s light started dimming again! We then said,”One.. Two.. Three.. Run!!!!” and fled into the next room and spent the whole night in there. Was the room haunted or was it just someone playing pranks? Somehow, I have already classified this tale due to my wild imagination.

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