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A Strange Incident

Last week, there is a lot of people in Woodland Custom (a lot of people went back for voting) and while queuing for bus to JB, I saw a very naughty boy running up and down, here and there and his mother totally cannot stop him (I think he is that kind of hyperactive kid).

Suddenly the kid keep quiet and stand still, look at one direction and I look at the same direction and I saw a white hair old man walking towards JB direction. Something very unusual about this old man is that while walking towards JB direction, the old man use his hand and point to the kid and the kid suddenly ran towards him quickly and hold his hand and both of them leave the place.

That kid’s mother saw this, stunt for a while and chase up (not sure whether she can get back her kid or not as the old man and kid walk very fast) and I am sure that the old man is not related with the kid as even when the kid hold his hand, he didn’t even look at him and pull him away.

I wonder what the hell is with his hand, he just point at that kid and the kid follow him…

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