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My Army Encounters

1st encounter,well more like an experience that my whole bunk experienced and lasted almost everynight. When nightfall approaches, we’ll always hear this knocking sound on the wall, we thought it was the bunk next to us knocking their wooden handle of the mosquito nets against the wall…but we were wrong!!some of us went out of the bunk and observed the other bunk if they were making the noise, they weren’t and yet the knocking sound continued in my section’s bunk….well not a scary encounter but still something out of the blue..

2nd encounter, again something that i experience once a while in tekong, just minutes after lights off( time to sleep), i sometimes would hear muffled voices around my bed area(i sleep next to the window,dont know if got corelation), but there was this one time that i hear and remember to this day a female humming a tune beside my ear!!

3rd encounter, nothing much except that one of the nights i felt some1 or thing tapping on my bed next to my left foot(i still remember),asked my bunk who did it the next day, no one owned up

last one…again happened after lights off.was trying my best to sleep but couldn`t when i felt something was pressing onto me, or that i was contracting…got out of bed, on the lights, of course my section mates screwd me for that, took an amulet from my locker, offed the lights and went back to my bed….felt alright after that. Next day, my bunk mates asked what happened, told them, and life went on….it was only untill POP when my buddy told me that he saw 2 women in the traditional malay dress looking at me beside my bed….well, at least he told me after i left BMT…

hope u guys enjoyed reading and share some of ur personal experiences, or at least heard of some(recent ones…not the charlie coy story again) that is rumored to be true…

Anyways, after bmt, i never experienced any strange encounters while in the army….thankfully, i only felt and heard “IT” and not seen it…got other stories from friends…but another time..

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