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Punggol Incident

Well many of you all have been to punggol beach i guess but have you all heard the story of the house located at punggol field?

Me and my kakis would go down to punggol beach to fish overnight be it on the jetty or further down into the beach….

So one day a strange man appear ( strange as in the way he walks trust me its real strange)…he told us about the story of house at punggol field as there was a grp of teenagers wanting to go that house
And the story goes like this…back in dunno how far….the house belongs to a man and his mother, and the govt wanted to tear down the house for dunno wad reason…the old lady refused to move as that was her house for her whole life, but no choice she had to leave….so the son push her on her wheelchair and as they step out of the house the old lady were dropping tears….she ask him to stop to turn around and she wipe her tears on her door and mumble smth about protection of the house…few days after that she died….then the govt went to try and tear down the house but every worker send there contracted wif illnesses and were unable to work…since then the house still remains there….the word of the man is that dun ever try to sneak into that house it isn gonna do u any good….

til now i still see the strange man who told mi tis story in punggol end but not al lthe times juz very rarely and the policemen there too has seen tis man and he would tell us the story in the past….
the other story he told us was he used to live here….after ww2 he and his family went to dig out the bodies on the beach of punggol and blah blah i forgot….if u guys ever go down punggol beach and u see tat strange man…( walk in a strange way, dark skin no spec shld be malay) try asking him about the house at punggol field

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