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Bedok Jetty

The Beginning
My friend’s uncle love fishing, took it up as a hobbies. Since he is around retirement age, he spent most of his time in bedok jetty with his kaki.

Evening Jetty
That early evening he went there but no mood to do fishing so he stood around looking and talking with his friends. As it was lunar 7th month he want to go home early. As he is about to leave the place, he saw a old lady taking a old style basket walking towards the jetty.

Unwelcome visitor
He thought it might be interesting, what would the old hag be doing here. Maybe looking for his husband or bring him dinner. But the old lady did not seems to care about my friend’s uncle. She move till she is near to the end of the jetty, squat down and bring out several plates of food.

Then she stood up and step back a few steps. Suddenly at the top of her voice she shouted in hokkien :” Come and Eat , Good Brother and Sister, Uncle and Auntie” Most of the uncle there was startled by her action, all turned their head and look at her. :confused2:

After shouting a few times, she stopped. After a while the calm sea kinda turn rough. But what more horrified was freaked out

There’s some slimy human like figure crawling out from the sea.
It was like a bodies that was covered with algae, seaweed.
Crawling towards the old lady’s food. Most of the uncle there was terrified by the creature, they ran away without their fishing tools and rods. That’s include my friends uncle that was running away from it…

After 1-2 hours they starts to go back there together to take their tools back and left. No one dare to stay there for the night…

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