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Dirty Tampines

I got this story about somewhere in Tampines from an ex-colleague of mine, a Malay chap.

He said he used to be a policemen in NS. One nite out patrolling wif buddy, it was really late when colleague radio about a call from an ang moh complaining about a gang of kids making a din near his they drove to caller’s block, but nothing there. With car windows rolled down, they explored the area. Meanwhile, the caller kept updating colleague back at station about the kids next move. so this went on for a while and colleague said caller was watchin from his block but how come they can’t followup wif the gang of kids deh. Then, colleague radio tat the kids just moved to the electrical generator area (which was fenced up). So they drove there immediately, got down and went over. He never hear anything nor see anything, but climbed up and used torchlight to shine down at the dark area..still never see anything.

Next moment, his colleague shorted from the car urgently, “Come back fast, bro!” he got down and run back. His buddies face turned super white as if he saw ghosts. They drove away immediately…he tried diggin info from his buddy aft that but never get an answer as to wat his buddy saw tat nite. Apparently, as they drove away, he look up at the corner block to the junction and saw an ang moh lookin out of window with a cordless phone to his ear, lookin in their direction. From where he’s lookin out of, he actually had a good view of the area, cos the land where the generator was, was a big baren piece of land…Somehow, the ang moh nver called back after that as well…

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