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Headless Samsui Woman

I was detailed with my usual partner, Ayolius – we always called him OCBC bcos he is Baba OCBC stands for Orang Cina Bukan Cina and he can’t speak mandarin much! (Yes! The same partner who was with me when we encounter the Lady In Red on the PIE – He is still in the SPF, I think he now should be a SI, at that time was a PC just like me haha!). We were detailed for CR12B (Who says all ghost story happened during the graveyard shift? Haha!)

It was between 1700hrs to 1800hrs, it was a dark and raining day. Its has been raining heavily on and off for a couple of days due to the moonsoon season. We were patrolling in the vicinity of Joo Chiat area. During that time, Joo Chiat was not as deveolped as now definitely no Hotel 81, Astro, etc. There was no Jazzy 51 yet. It was old shop houses around.

We patrol Tembeling Lane, Joo Chiat lane, etc. We turned into one of those old roads (Can’t remember the name – sign & syptoms of getting old – Haizz!). I remember vividly updating our patrol log sheet. We were having a conversation about I smoking inside the patrol car. Our patrol car was cruising at a slow pace then as we wanted to make our presence felt.

Out of a sudden he tapped me on my right thigh.

Me : “What the fug!! Si mi ta chi”

I noticed that our patrol car had came into a halt at that time.

He did not reply but pointed straight in front of us. About 100 metres or so in front of us was an old woman. Her clothings were similar to those Samsui woman. She was walking ahead of us in a slow pace. I then noticed that she had NO HEAD!!

Both of us turn white and our goose pimples went into over drive and stood on ends.

As it was a one way street and the street was narrow and parked with cars, we could not make a u-turn so lan lan we had to drive on. It seems as if time stood time as it took us forever to reach her!!

As we approached the old woman, I swear that both of us could hear our hearts beating.

As we passed the old woman, she turned her head towards us and gave us a smile. You must be wondering “How come she can turn her head when I had said she was headless in the first place, right? There is a logical explanation………………………………… ………………………………….

As I said, she was an old woman, a granny who is probably in her late 80′s or 90′s. Her head is so crooked that it was tilted down towards the floor. From a distance away and poor vision due to the heavy downpour with her back towards us and the clothing she worn, she sure looks HEADLESS.

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