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ITE Tampines Is Haunted

Tampines ITE actually consider one of the Oldest ITE. Well from what heard, the block 3 [electronics block] was haunted, and i did experienced before, when that time i was on my way to the girls toilet at level 3, suddenly from the mirror[ cos the mirror was facing the door] so is like from the mirror u can see outside, guess what i saw, a little girl… in my school…looking at me. Was bit shocked, then i thought I’m just tired or something, but the thing is, I’m not the only one saw it, the other student saw the girl on the staircase….

And at night right, cos last time i used to had my tennis training at Tuesday and normally it ends at 8+pm, so other then my CCA, there’s floor ball & Taekwondo those two CCA was held at block one,
then is like on our way back home, cos the back door was locked after 4pm, so we had to walk to block 1 to the main entrance, then i told my friend about this thing one night,[we was in between block 3 & 4) then suddenly the light that above us blinking & blinking non-stop, and we are the only 3 girls at there, quite scary actually lol…

And heard from the SC students that IT block, which is block 5, is to be say haunted too, I don’t know is it the same thing…

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