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The 7th Day

I will share my experience. I had some affinity with the other side so most of the times I can feel or see.

So it goes. My paternal grandmother passed away when I was 7. She loved and doted on me the most. Cause I was her eldest natural granddaughter. She pampered me like a princess in all ways. So she passed on due to asthma attack. She had this favoutire old cupboard. The cupboard is old wooden kind. The doors can clamp shut tightly and you must exert a bit of force to open it and it opens outwards. Imagine wind can only shut it but not opne it.

So when my grandmother’s returning 7th day ot Tou Qi came, all of us including my uncles, aunts, cousins, dad and mum n siblings were waiting with the main house door wide opened. Then coming to 12 midnight, I was very naughty and went to shut the main door. My gugu (dad’s elder sis) came and and opened the door. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew in. My old house that kind of design is very hard to have wind blowing in from my main door. So I followed the wind to my grandmother’s room. I remember that the clamped shut door of my grandmother’s door flew opened. I was angry cause I do not know who the hell opened my favourite grandmother’s favourite cupboard. So I shut the door, then it opened again, so I shut it again. It is after a few times, my gugu come ans stop me and tell me that my grandmother is looking at her favourite things in the cupboard. I should not disturb since she loved me the most.

You may think its like some fake story, but it is my true experience. I can see ghosts as young as 4 yrs old. I still remember those incidents vividly. I truly miss my grandmother but there isn’t mich I can do for her though, since she passed on. I wasn’t scared though but subsequently I was very sad.

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