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SMS At Little Guilin Lake

Hi all. Just a story to share. Happened in the year 1999. We all were at the age of 15-17. Well, here goes… This happened in Bukit Gombak Little Guilin Lake. 3 of us cycle on Haro/BMX/GT freestyle bike (very popular bicycle back than). We all were from Choa Chu Kang “Pusar Aman” cemetary, just finished cleaning up graves. (part time. any job will do as long as can pay hp bills) hahaha!!! Before 7pm, the grave caretaker told us to go back home straight to clean ourselves. During that age, we all were notorious and never listen. Then we all decided to hang around 1st before going home. Little Guilin Lake was the spot. Upon reaching there, at abt 8pm+, we sat at the dome,one nearest to the traffic light, talking and chit chatting. Then suddenly, my friend’s hp, (he’s using Nokia 3310), sms beep. He checked the sms, its from “Private” stated “Kau orang bertiga buat aper di sini?” (What are the 3 of you doing for?) sms doesn’t indicate “Private”. Never do. He showed us the SMS and we all panic to leave in a hurry. But the strange thing was, my friend doesn’t delete the message and the message wasn’t there anymore. You can check the place out. Located right beside Bukit Gombak Stadium, infront of Guilin View Condo.

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