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Mandai Estate Incident

Hi all, few years back, I’ve worked part time as Pizza Hut/KFC dispatch rider for Lot 1 Shopper’s Mall. That night, I was in the 2nd shift and I was unlucky to got this manager on duty, he will take even order one minute before last order closing and my last order was to Mandai Estate. As I and one of my friend was on the 2nd shift and he just came back with his last order,(boh pien) I went for this last order.

After the kitchen crew prepared my order, I left the restaurant to deliver. It was to a factory manufacturing ventilating system. As i reached the place I called my customer to take the food from the main lobby. As soon as everything done, I put my cap in the box and wear my helmet. As I rode off the main gate towards the main road, I heard laughter surrounding me. I began to panic and speed on the pizzahut vespa. Suddenly something flew infront of me covering half my helmet visor. I was too panic and almost swayed to the bushes. I was shivering to my spine and couldn’t concentrate what’s infront of me and sped off quickly. As soon as I reached my base, my friend asked me why what’s with my pale face? I told him regarding my incident and he told me he and a few riders also had accountered similliar incident that and was told by old birds that “it” was guarding the place from traspassers. Now I understand why dispatch riders do not want to send at Mandai Estate at night and workers working night shift don’t drive out to buy food after 11pm. You can check the place out at night after 11pm… located right infront of Kranji Industrial Estate and Caltex… that’s if you dare..

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