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Bukit Batok Hitch-Hiker

This happened in the year 2001. Well, here goes. That night, I came back from a part time job at Raffles Town Club. After work, normally I went home straight as in the morning I must book in, but on that particular night, that was on Thursday, my friends asked me to chill at Alif Restaurant at Bukit Gombak before going back. We stayed like until 2350hrs. Then we started to bid each other goodbye and I went to my motobike to start my engine. Then off I go. It was a very cold and windy night as i passed the Army Logistics camp in Bukit Batok on the way to Choa Chu Kang Rd(Brickland Road wasn’t existed yet). As you notice when you passed there, there are 2 bus stops. When I 1st passed the 1st bus stop, I saw a woman standing like she was waiting for the bus. I was wondering why was she there alone at almost 12midnight. I just proceed with my journey. Then suddenly, there’s like a weight behind me like I was carrying a pillion as I passed the 2nd bus stop. I just ignore and maybe that was my imagination. I straight went home.

When I reached home, my dad was at the living room watching TV, suddenly there’s a sweet smell of Jasmine flowers in the air. I called my dad and he asked me to wait outside for a while. Then my mom brought out a pail of water for me to wash my feet before entering the house. Then after everything was over, I went my room to tuck in, but to my surpirse, my room was smelt full of Jasmine flowers. I recite my prayers and slept in the living room instead. When I woke up in the morning, I was down with fever. My mom noticed there are red bruises 10 fingerprint marks on both of my shoulders. I went to the doctor 1st and then visit my uncle to check up on me. I was told that “cik pon” followed me home on my motorbike. But she dare not enter my house, leaving fingerprint marks on my shoulder. Reminder by my uncle to all bikers, “Never acknowledge when seeing someone alone at midnight, or it will follow you home”

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