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The Decomposed Hand

A is my best friend who i have known for 10 years. Before he was born, his father ran a flourishing textile business. Unfortunately, he got cheated by a dishonest client and was forced to wind up. Thus when my friend was still in the womb, the family had already shifted out from the family bungalow to a shophouse unit located in Yishun.

His maternal grandmother was still alive and this incident happened on an evening after darkfall. His mother was cutting some vegetables at the sink while his grandmother was cooking nearby at the stove. The mother screamed out of a sudden. The two of them were shocked to see a severed hand gripping pugnaciously at the ankle of my friend’s mum. The hand was badly decomposed but the nail and flesh was still intact. The grip was so tight that the mum started to bleed.

The grandmother has a great deal of experience with this kind of supernatural encounters so she immediate took a chopper to slash at the hand. It was still highly agitated so the grandmother deftly grabbed the hand and began to chop it up into pieces. Then she nonchalantly threw it all down the rubbish chute.

It all happened very quickly and it’s only after the thing was gone before the two of them realised that a square tile is missing from its usual position. It was just gone. According to the grandmother, she said that the cement which was used to construct the floor was dirty. It was stained with the blood of a vengeful spirit that had been murdered, buried or buried alive. It was trying desperately to seek reincarnation via the mum’s womb.

It is really incredulous to me but i realised when i visited his house, there was indeed a missing tile which had been patched up with cement.

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