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Cik Pon In Penang

It happened a few years ago when it happened. My family went to Penang for a holiday. We were staying in a hotel quite near the beach (sorry I don’t remember the hotel name) At the back of the hotel is an old rundown colonial house (really reminded me of old Singapore in the 70s). We reached the hotel at about midnight; and most of us did not go to bed until about 2am to wash up and do our Isya’ prayers. While waiting for my turn go to the washroom, I decided to open one of the back windows (that kind of windows that open out); that is how I saw the house.

The house was creepily quiet, dark and with lots of trees surrounding it. As it was very late at night, the street was also very quiet..and then I heard a dog howling, I did not think much about it even though the windows were wide open. I decided to go to the windows to see where the howling come from when suddenly I heard a shrilling scream. All this while I was pretty cool as I didn’t think that the screaming is of a cik pon. I actually went to the window with my uncle; and the funny thing was, both of us did’nt feel afraid or having goose bumps at all. The next morning, one of my cousins told me about the screaming too and then only I realised that it has to be a cik pon. We checked out out of the hotel that morning even though I would have loved to stay another night to experience the haunting again.

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