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Camp At Coral Secondary

This happen to me and my group of friends recently. We were having a band camp in school. It was a 3 days 2 nights camp. We were sleeping in a classroom with 6 of us sleeping together. Our classroom was situated on the second floor which is nearest to the toilet. On the first night, nothing happened. But unfortunately, on the second night, we heard strange noises coming from the toilet. It was about 2a.m in the morning. Since we could not sleep, we decided to investigate. All of us brought along a torchlight. We entered the toilet together, holding each other. Suddenly, the lights black out. We sreamed at the top of our voices. We were praying and praying. We tried to get out but the door was locked from the outside.

One of my friends saw something white flying above our heads. All of us started crying. We tried again by kicking the door. Fortunately, the door opened. We went back to sleep and the next morning, we kept the story to ourselves until today. We couldn’t forget this incident for the rest of our life.

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