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Grandpa Is Back!

My grandpa had passed away last year on Dec 14. As chinese believed, the soul of the dead will come back on the 7th day of it’s passing. My father is the eldest among all my uncles and on the 7th day, my grandpa really came back to look for my father as he is the eldest and my grandpa dotes him the most. I had a little puppy from him as you all know, dogs can see things right? On the 7th day and at midnight, my dog started barking so loudly that I woke up but i didn’t know what happened I thought my dog had seen his own refelection on the mirror so he barked.. So i went back to sleep.. My grandpa did not do anything on the 1st nite.. But on the 2nd nite……..

My grandpa came back again. My father was sleeping near the door, when my grandpa came back to visit us again on the 2nd nite.. He pushed my father 3 times.. 1st time when he pushed my father.. my father thought that it was my dog.. so he ignored.. but the 2nd time he pushed again.. He felt a gust of wind blew.. so at that time.. he knew that was my grandpa.. but he still ignored the push and try to pretend that he was sleeping.. The 3rd time, he pushed my father.. My father used his blanket and covered himself tightly.. The 3rd nite…… my grandpa came back again! This time round.. he sitted on my bed and talked to my mum in her dream! Can u believe it? He sitted on my bed and i don’t even know! But my father could see.. While my grandpa was talking to my mum.. she cried.. Altough my father couldn’t hear what my grandpa was talkingn about.. but by listenin to what my mum said.. he could roughly get what they were talking about.. (but my father didn’t tell me about it)

The next morning when my mother woke up.. she saw her eyes red! So that can really proved that my grandpa had came back to talk to my mum sitting on my bed.. Also.. from the 1st day to the 3rd day.. my dog had been barking non stop durin midnite..

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