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No Woman No Cry

My story is about my experience while I was abroad in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. I was at my aunts place. You see, i love to hear reggae music alot. So one night, i stayed up to catch my idol Bob Marley on concert showing on one of the channel. While watching the show which he sang No Woman No Cry, i was really in a high mood. You know like taking ganjah. (Nah Juz jokingz). All of a sudden, there was a gust of wind that passby me. In the wind that passby me, i can hear the song that Bob was singing.

Suddenly, there was a distant cry that was coming from the corridor. I walked to the door and opened it. Guess what, it was a lady dressed in white crying as she had heard the song. She looked at me for a while, then her face turned red as blood gushed out of her nose. Her eyes were popping out and her teeth were turning into fangs. I soon fainted at the gate. The moment i woke up. I found myself in the room of a hospital still hearing the song in my head no woman no cry, and also the laughter of the lady.

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