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Yishun Hill

During the June holiday, me and my friends conducted a specops at yishun hill(right at the back town counil). We received a news from the boys use to hang around there, they said there a lady in white. It was on friday night at 1130 hrs. We met under Blk 202. We reached the place at 1210hrs. Then we break into two group. My friend who is a policeman team up with me and the two other goes up to the hill and meet at the top of the hill.

It start from here my friend and i went one big round and suddenly we feel like somebody looking at us near the playground. We tried to look at it but somthing tell us not to look. Then we walk quickly to the meet point. Then we meet two others of our friends. Sudddenly my friend, Kharus, saw a lady sitting under the pondok looking at us. I think that is the lady that the boys talking about. So my friend and i have to get out of that place as fast as we could. Finally, we reach the bottom of the hill where there is light If u want to go there, i suggest you bring a touchlight. Maybe now, you will believe!!

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