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East Coast Beach

My story is simple…and true…Some years back when i was 14 yrs old, i and my girlfriend at that time, decided to have a swim at ECP beach. We picked our spot to swim at the stretch of beach directly opposing the Costa rands resorts. We were having a fun time till something weird happen that i would remember for along time, I’m a good swimmer, My girlfriend is not, we were in the calm water, in waist deep waters, when everything turned chaotic, i don’t know why, But suddenly, i felt as though the water levels rose, i felt as though i was being pulled under, and for about 2 mins, i was struggling to gain control of myself.

So was my girlfriend, as she was having a harder time, as she cant swim, luckily, i manage to fight , and got my girlfriend, we got onto the beach, and sat down to rest, After that i told her we shall not swim, any more, i don’t know what happen, But the weird part was to come…I used to cycle at ECP every time, as i use to live near there, and have managed to see a few cases of drownings, where the victim was safe, but when i though back , the 2 accounts i remember both happened at that stretch of beach , the stretch from the costa sands resort, to the sea food centre, Anyway, while i was cycling again, there, after 2weeks from the incident me and my gf had,I witnessed yet another drowning, and again the victim was rescued by a passer by, Just then, a educated old man, who was jogging there came to me, and i asked, is she ok?
he replied” yes , shes lucky, Not many have been lucky like her, this part of the beach is “dirt” many have drowned here,”

After that, i was in a state of shock, But there may be a more simple reason to this, the fact being that there’s a monsoon drain near by, could affect the rate of the high tide and low tide, and there cause reactions to the water movement, but then again, you can never be sure, so be careful when ya swim at this place.

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