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The Deep “Sigh”

This incident actually happened to my mum and it was her closest encounter with the “Third kind”. The school was built a year ago. There were rumors that exhumation took place at the site during construction. The caretaker of the school was the first to relate several disturbing experiences when she had to stay back late to lock up the place. At te end of the day, the `teachers room` was supposed to be locked but often there were noises from the photocopier machine (someone photostatting). There were also supernatural encounters by several colleague but the matter was not rake up.

It was during the school holidays when my mum went back to do some tidying up at her workplace. The `teacher room` was located at the basement level of the school. It was noon, and several of her colleagues had left. My mum was the last to leave. The room was stuffy and warm due to the weather. She was feeling tired after the cleaning up. All of sudden there was a very deep “sigh” at her back. She was frozen but did not scream or look back. Next, she opened up the windows to let in fresh air into the room. She quickly pack-up and hurried back home for a good rest. On that day, she related the incident to my father, sister & me. She could not explain why but the deep “sigh” was still very clear in her mind.

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