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Tree at Pasir Ris Park

This happens last year on Thursday night at Pasir Ris Park, what I called it Paris for short forms. Actually my mom forbid me from going out on Thursday night as we Muslims believe that its not a good day to go out at night. But I insist.

At about 7pm, I meet my guy at Pasir Ris Interchange and we went for cycling together. After we have reached Paris bridge, there`s a group of chinese guys sitting there wearing a long black `sarong` with powder/flour on their face. My guy told me that they are doing this just to make fun of it and scare each others. So I think nothing of it. Three hours later, after exploring the whole Paris Park, we are about going back home. As usually we passby the bridge when we first came. What we saw there, one of the chinese guy that we saw was standing under a tree with his white face. We were laughing with the stupid thing that he do, trying to scare people.

But this time round, its different. Further up more, we cycled at the bicycle track, what I saw is `someone` standing under a big tree just near to the bicycle track (opposite Tower), wearing a long black sarong, with his faced covered but FLOATING WITH NO LEGS!! I asked my guy what is that… but he just kept silence.. and say he saw nothing. Both me and my guy cycle as fast as we could to get out from the park. I dare not to look back.

When we have reached the interchange, my guy look at me and said that he actually saw of what I saw. My guy advice me not to mention anything when saw something is not right as the `thing` can follow us home.

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