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Mary Ang

This story happened about three years ago when we moved to live in Sembawang.It was also coincidentally during the Hungry Ghost Month Festival.I am a football enthusiast so I woke up at around 3 a.m. to watch my favourite football club, Liverpool.While watching, the doorbell rang.I was shocked as I could not believe that the doorbell rang at that hour.I ignored it at first but then it rang again.My father, who was asleep, was awaken by the sound of the doorbell.He opened the door and saw a lady dressed in a long white evening gown and she repeatedly said `Mary Ang`.My father got angry and said to her that there is no such person here.

She just walked away without apologising and within a few seconds, my father said she`s gone.
Sensing that something is wrong, I quickly asked him to close the door and I quickly switched off the TV and slept uneasily throughout the night.

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