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Friend’s Possession

There was this one day whereby me and my friend Ganash, Zakaria and Guna were walking back home from West Coast after playing soccer. we were talking about the match ealier on. As we were getting down the flyover towards west coast my friend Ganash laugh out of the sudden! Me and my other friend thougt he was just acting and i scolded him…Later he bended his body like a old man and walk slowly behind.Then we felt something fishy a we asked him “Oi what happened la”??. He was just laughing like a old man and just walk off. My friend zakaria got the idea that he had been possessed and told me and guna to hold him.

As we were near some bush, Zakaria began to urine and asked Ghanesh to see we have heard that ghost are scard of man`s urine. But it did not work, infect G hanesh begain to act wild as he was walking fast here and there! We realy got a hard time to hold on to him as we were about to reach his home.Just before reaching his blk, we saw a police car slowing down after seeing us holing on to ghanash and him straggling as if were kiddnapping him. We were wondering what to tell the policmen, and to our shock it was zakaria brother as he was on duty that day. He came to us and asked, “what happent”? Then we told him what has happen and he told us to bring him home faster.

In a while we were out his home and was knocking his door. His mother open the door and was shocked to see him in that stage. We told her what has happen and not to worry as we`r around.Well at last we have thought of an idea of bringing him to a small indian temple in clementi ave 5 which so called the “forest temple” when we were wbout to reach the temple doorstep,Ghanash faint and fall on the foor. We then brought him in and told the prist what happent. He told us to wait for few min as he will get ready to call the god to come onto his body. When he was ready to call the god, we were so scard as it was our 1st time.He bend on the floor and soon and was shouting in a huge anry vioce saying that” huh! DO YOU KNOW WHERE HAVE U COME”??!! pointing ghansh. Then a voice came from ghansh body saying that “HE IS IN THE WRONG,HE IS IN THE WRONG”! Then the prist pray and chants and made it go away. Inawile ghanesh was normal but was very weak. We then asked the prist what happent to him after the prist was back to normal too.He told us that “He ealier on when to play football in a field and accidently urin on a old grave. The owner of the grave was not happy and came to his body to hunt him down. We were shock to hear this and we say thanks to the prist and went back. As we were walkin we asked ghanash where did he went and played before meeting us. Then he told us that in the aternoon he went to old alexendra field and played soccer with other friend, after the match he went to a bush near the field and urine, then only we knowwhat really had happened…. (THIS IS A TRUTH STORY HAPPENed TO MY FRIEND IN THE YEAR 2006)

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