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Woman In Bus

It was still early, around nine at night when I was taking a bus home in Toa Payoh. Another normal day for me after work, same routine everyday. Took a seat next to the back door of the bus & waited to reach my stop. Upon reaching the stop before mine, I turned & looked at the scenery outside. It was when I saw the reflection of a woman about fifty years old, sitting two seats behind me. Nothing unusual at the moment, to me she`s just another passenger in the bus. Then someone pressed the bell. Thus the driver came to a halt at the bus-stop & opened the doors, waiting for passengers to alight. However no one alighted after waiting for a while & the driver decided to move on. Perhaps someone pressed the bell by accident, this was my thought at the time.

Finally reaching the next stop which was my destination. Happily I pressed the bell & waited for the bus to stop. I stood up and turned around to look at the remaining passengers on the bus. But was stunned to realise that i`m the only one left! Hurriedly alighted the bus, & checked again to double confirm whether my eyes had been playing tricks on me. The bus indeed was empty. Felt a shiver down my spine & walked home thinking.. Who pressed the bell before my stop? Where`s the woman whom I saw?

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