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Spooky Temasek Poly

This event happened during my orientation camp in Temasek Polytechnic in the year 1999. That night, 2 camp leaders went on a patrol around our camp area. The both of them is equipped with walkies-talkies. When they are patrolling, they saw a small boy running in front of them. They chased after the boy until the School of Engineering. They kept on chasing and shouted to ask him to stop, but the kid just ignore them. When they climbed up the stairs, the boy was playing hide and seek with them. They chased after the boy until the end of the engineering block. The boy just vanished.

They informed the security guards with their walkies that they found a boy running around the campus in the middle of the night. The guards came with a guard dog and met them at their location. The whole place was empty but the dog keeps barking fiercely at ONE particular corner. Feeling something not right, they left the area, pretending nothing happened.

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