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Incident Near Tampines

There was this night where I overnight with 3 of my other friends. Actually it happened in 2 different occasions. You all know where is tampines Springfield Sec Sch located?? Hmm, that nite, think it was about 2am plus.. I & my friends were at the school gate.. We are very tired so we set to find one place to rest loh.. Infront of Springfield is an field or somthing.. We walk inside about a 2-3mins walk there is an open space.. We never saw this space before coz surrounding it is all tress bushes & long lalang grass giving it an eerie feeling……

We are joking about some stupid story when my friend opened one Tiger..My friend said:” Ai ki ti hor gik tao wu lang mai luan zhu kan ( Here also got some “people” with us don’t anyhow scold things” Say finish, he walk away a few distances & left the can of tiger there. Then, he light one menthol & left it there … We were puzzled why he did that but we didn’t bother to ask .. & soon we dozed asleep….

*the next morning*
I woke up & found my friends still sleeping… I took a walk around then stumble about the cigarette & that can of beer.. I stunned & stared blankly at the 2 things… The Cigarette…. it had been smoked to the butt & left only the fliter!!! & the space around the beer is wet but the can isn’t toppled over!! I was wondering who went to smoke the menthol & drink the beer.. Smokers, you all know cigarettes IF Never “tar-rek”, the tobacco will stop burning one mahz… right??

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