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Water Ghost

Last year, my auntie brought me to her friend’s condo for a barbecue party and i was very happy. I told my cousin to go to the swimming pool for a swim and she said ok. I wore my swimming trunks and jumped into the pool for a swim and i noticed that the water was very cold even though it was bright daylight but i did not care as i wanted to swim very much. I am just a beginner and i just know how to swim. I was swimming halfway when i suddenly plunged into the water and i stuggled hard to get to land but i felt something pulling my leg and i dived down into the water and i saw a white figure pulling me. I was about to lose breath when my auntie pull me out of the water. That’s how i managed to escape from the gates of hell. After that incident, i think i do not wish to swim in my auntie’s friend’s condo swimming pool!!!

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