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Jurong West Haunted

One Thursday night( sorry i had forgot the date but it is year 2005) my parents had gone out. So i’m the only child at home in my old flat in Jurong West. At that time, i was watching television about, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show. I also phoned my friend Alvin. Always when my moms went home, she always call my name and read prayers (Assalamualikum). Without any names and prayers was been said, the door of my house opened. I felt so strange that i did not went out to see.

I even heard my mom’s leg bangle cringkling. My door and my parent’s door always had creeky sound. So the door of my parent’s bedroom opened. After that, the door open again and the thing walk passed my bedroom. I felt so eerie. Then the thing filled a pail of water in the toilet(one strange thing is there was no pail in that toilet). Then the rice cooker were switched on. Then the television were on. About 5 minutes, i heard footsteps. Suddenly all the things went as per normal. The door were opened again and the name and the prayers were being said.

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