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Stop The Song

After reading some stories, basically to my opinion, pontianak, pochong or whatever is just jinn or satan! I don’t believe that they were a dead human spirit cos once you are dead, you are dead man! Ok anyway this is how it goes on.

On the September holiday last year, my friend Zar decided to thon with his 2 other friends at Bukit Batok. One of his friend is a punk and carries a guitar along with him. They were there since 11:30 pm. They were just wasting time talking shit. It was about 12 midnight when they started playing this particular malay song called “pontianak”, thats the title and the punk was just playing the intro and haven’t started singing yet when they heard a small kid crying. They just ignore that noise and carry on playing. The strange thing is that the moment they started playing that song, the crying starts. Zar said, stop the song! Maybe she don’t like us playing her song! His friend stop playing and the cry stops too! They discussed about the shit that have just happened and they do not believe it at first. So, they were thick skin and they started playing the bloody song again with singing. To their horror which is unbelievable, the cry goes on and this time, they played for an hour and the cry goes on for hour too! Basically they were just jammin for fun by playing that song again and again.

In the end, they refered to zar’s words to be a fact. So they stop playing any song, they try to relax and say some prayers and sleep. Luckily there is nothing happened to them!

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