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Tanjong Katong School

You have heard many stories of Tanjong Katong Girl’s School. But i bet you have never heard of the one in the computer lab. This happened quite sometime ago. In the computer lab on the 3rd level, it is definately haunted. Once, when the computers on,the light went off. Was it a blackout? No. The aircon was still on. Then, out of a sudden, the aircon became colder. There was no way of checking the temperature as we were in total darkness. We tried opening the door but it was LOCKED!!! WE WERE TRAPPED !!!!

There was an eerie voice after that. It sounded like it came from the back of the lab. Everyone turned but we only saw a light. We were all freezing in the lab. Some were crying. Others were screaming. The voice said “You have disturbed me. As a punishment, you shall all freeze in this computer lab forever.” Evil laugh. Some of us were saying prayers. One fainted. We were shouting. Banging everywhere. We heard footsteps outside. People had heard us and was trying to get us out. A bomoh was called. We were out at last, after the bomoh chanted some lines. After the incident, many of us freaked out, caught a cold and some left the school. It was freaky.

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