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Incident At Home

I couldn’t stand the fear. As i sit on the old creaky chair, facing my computer, i know i can’t hide from the truth. The truth that i kept in my shattering heart. The story begin when i was in school… So, it was just another one of those lonesome sunday when the world just doesn’t seems fair. My radio was playing the song (Survivor) and suddenly, an object whizzed past, and a chill went down my spine. The place started to become so hot, i had to take off my shirt. I decided to take a bath, taking off all my clothes, i went for a shower.

After a while, i reached out my hand to take my clothes…but they were gone. I stretched my head for a peek, and i saw my clothes lying on the floor. I reached out my hand for it, but it flew to the window. I crept towards to the window and took my shirt. I stood at the windowsill, staring out at the house next door. It was amazing. I was awe struck. I had never seen such a beautiful girl in my life. She had long silky hair, with blue, innocent eyes. She gave me a smile. I smiled back. Amidst my gazing, i was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door. Yikez! It was too late to realise i wasn’t wearing anything. I wrapped myself in a towel and opened the door. It was the woman i just saw. It was impossible! But…

” Can i borrow some bottles of pepper?” she asked.
She suddenly turned into a hideous looking old hag.
” P…please…” she muttered in an awful voice.
I slammed the door and nearly fainted.
Suddenly, my radio tune into a song…
” You can run, but u can’t hide!”

And that was my very last straw. I ran out of my house, i didn’t care i was half naked or not, and ran around. I can run, but i can’t hide…

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