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Woodland Secondary Haunted

Well I was from the Woodlands Secondary and have heard quite a lot of stories from my friends but didn’t really experience it till when i was in secondary four. Well I was a school prefect and me and a few of them(guys and gals) la… we were staying till late to prepare for the prefects investiture the next day amd we had iron all the blazers so as to be smart the next day and we were the last to leave school on the day together with the servant.

The next day which is our big big day we were also the first to arrive in school and it happen that we went up to the councillor room to prepare ourselves… We got a real shock when we saw the room it was in a total mess… We didnt know what happen too cause we were the earliest to reach school and the very last to leave school the previous day…Our blazers was in a total mess…. Well…. who did it, we don’t know and only the few of us knows about this….It is indeed very spooky…

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